Secretary’s Message

Secretary’s Message


We are living in an era where technology is advancing faster than we could have ever imagined. In order to keep pace with the changing scenario, we need to acquire a professional education, which will help us in developing our human resources according to global needs.

The choice of a college where you will pursue professional education and which would provide you the place from where you will embark on your first journey towards your career is an important decision. For this you require to take into account many factors, the most relevant ones being infra-structural facilities, teaching-learning process, academic ambience, development activities, industry-institute relationships, etc.

We at ABIET, from the very inception emphasized on imparting quality education in various disciplines of engineering. During the last seven years we have made concerted efforts to make the ABIET as one of the best engineering institutes in the country. The faculty members of the institute have been selected carefully and updated continuously by exposing them to the recent technical innovations.

The ABIET is well equipped with all necessary facilities to acquire a sound knowledge of theoretical as well as practical aspects of the academic discipline that students should pursue. We also emphasize on personality development of our students along with high quality professional education.

The atmosphere at the ABIET is friendly, cordial and perfectly suited to all-round development of the students. You are most welcome to ABIET to share a challenging experience and to gain professional education that will nurture your creativity and intellectual skills.

B.B Beri


Aman Bhalla Institute of Engineering & Technology