President’s Message

President’s Message

DSC_04321Welcome to Amn Bhalla Institute of Engineering & Technology,  ABIET has been helping students achieve their life goals and dreams through four-year academic transfer preparation, career technical education, and upgrading life and job skills. The college offers over 4  associate degree and certificate programs that can help students reach their next step in life. I hope you will spend a few moments to take a virtual tour of the college’s academic. ABIET provides a comprehensive collegiate experience that is both affordable and accessible.

With each link in the College’s website, you will notice that ABIET takes pride in its high academic standards, its excellent programs and services, as well as our friendly and helpful staff and faculty. Our size gives us the advantage of being able to ensure that our students benefit from all the individual attention you will need to be successful. Our faculty members are highly qualified in their fields and take pride in helping our students achieve.

Believing in a “student centered” approach, the college offers an array of free student services including financial aid, tutoring, academic advising, career and transfer counseling, and job-seeking assistance.

Sh. Raman Bhalla


 Aman Bhalla Institute of Engineering & Technology